On-site meeting of citizens by the management of the Syrdarya region of the off-budget Pension Fund in the 1st half of 2019

Scheduled onsite meeting in the first half of 2019: 

The date of the on-site meeting

District (city)

The place of the on-site meeting 

January  25

Akalta district

In the building NCG “Kurkam Diyor, town of Sardoba

February 22

Boevut district

In the NCG “Izhodkor” building of the town of Boevut

March 29

Gulistan District

In the building of the hokimiyat of the Dekhkanabad area

April  26

Mirzaabad district

In the building of NCG “Dung arik”

May 24

Saihunabad district

In the building of the “Rest House” NCG  “Bakhmalsoy”

June 28

Syrdarya district

In the building of the school of music and art №12 of the city of Syrdarya



You can receive additional information about the place and time of r on-site meeting, as well as personal appointments via “Phone trust” of the Pension Fund "11-40" and by calling the Pension Fund's regional department in Syrdarya Region (+99867) 235-05-24.

Note: If the date of admission is changed, additional information will be posted on the Pension Fund website in advance.

Source: www.pfru.uz


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